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It's not easy to ask for help.
Nor is it easy to find the right kind of help.
Alexandra R. Martins, M.D. photograph

Dr. Alexandra R. Martins is a Columbia-trained Board Certified Psychiatrist with more than 18 years of experience working in the New York Presbyterian, Columbia, and Weill Cornell hospital systems. She holds medical licenses in New York and Connecticut. 


In her clinical work, she's worked with people of diverse backgrounds who present with a wide range of diagnoses and treatment needs.


She is thoughtful, caring, knowledgeable, responsive, and practical.


Dr. Martins will work with you from day one to make sure your concerns are addressed before you make any decisions in your treatment. 

Dr. Martins' practice will accept new patients starting the week of August 19, 2024.

Dr. Martins practices a hybrid model, offering both in person and telehealth appointments.

In person sessions are held in her Westchester office, located in the HR Landing Building in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Dr. Martins is licensed to provide Telehealth/video sessions for those who are physically located in New York State or Connecticut at the time of the session.  Telehealth services are offered through an integrated Telehealth platform with SimplePractice. After you make an appointment, your confirmation will include a video link and you will receive a reminder before the appointment. You can log right in using the link, without the need for a separate app.  

Dr. Martins treats adults (18+) who struggle with a variety of symptoms and difficult emotional or relational circumstances. As a medical doctor, Dr. Martins is trained to assess whether medications are indicated for you, and if so, to help you evaluate the options and to supervise you throughout treatment.  Also, Dr. Martins has extensive experience as a therapist who provides psychodynamic psychotherapy, an effective therapy that can be used alone or in combination with psychiatric medications.  She welcomes patients from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, and sexual orientations.  


Please note that Dr. Martins is not specialized in treating people who struggle with substance use disorders. If this is assessed to be a (or the) major factor in your life, Dr. Martins will provide you resources and referrals for specialized treatment.

Dr. Martins' approach aims to learn about you, your goals, and the spheres in your life you find most challenging at this time.


As part of your comprehensive assessment, Dr. Martins will openly and honestly share her impressions. 


She will individualize a treatment plan, including whether medications and/or psychotherapy are indicated for you.

* Depression

* Anxiety (e.g. OCD, GAD, and panic disorder)

* Bipolar disorder

* Insomnia

* Difficulties with life transitions, change, and coping

* Feeling "stuck" in your problematic patterns or behaviors

* Personality disorders or maladaptive traits

* Trauma and trauma-related disorders (e.g. PTSD)

* Adult inattention (e.g. ADHD)​


If you're considering seeing a Psychiatrist, perhaps you're also considering whether taking a medication is right for you.  Even if you've come to the decision to give medications a try (or to consider making a change to your current regimen), which one is right? The options can often feel overwhelming.


Dr. Martins will work with you from day one to make sure your concerns are addressed before you make any decisions regarding your treatment. 


Dr. Martins will formulate an individualized plan to address the underlying factors contributing to your symptoms and suffering. 

Dr. Martins treats adults (18+) who come to her with or without existing diagnoses. Every patient is different and has their own best treatment plan to get “unstuck” from long-running or nascent mental health symptoms.


Dr. Martins is trained in providing psychodynamic psychotherapy, though recognizes that one size does not fit all when it comes to treatment. 


Dr. Martins is adept at identifying evidence-based therapeutic treatments to best suit her patients' needs, e.g. CBT or DBT treatment and group-based approaches.

If you'd like to connect with Dr. Martins, please submit a CONTACT form


When you submit a CONTACT form, you will receive an automatic reply to your email with the fee schedule and additional important information.  


Dr. Martins does not participate with or accept Medicare or any private/commercial insurance plans. You are billed directly for services rendered and direct payment is expected within two weeks.   


Although Dr. Martins does not accept health insurance, many health insurance plans provide their members with out-of-network benefits for psychiatric or behavioral health treatment, including therapy and/or medication.  Upon receipt of your direct payment, you can request a paid invoice ("superbill") that you may submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement made directly to you.

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