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Fees & Insurance

Fees will be discussed with you prior to scheduling your first appointment.  Alternatively, if you submit a message to Dr. Martins, you will receive an automatic reply detailing the exact fees (and other important information).


Dr. Martins has a separate fee for a 60-minute initial assessment, a 45-minute follow-up, and a 30-minute follow-up.  Typically, a medication management session lasts 30 minutes while a therapy session (with or without combined medication management) lasts 45 minutes. 

Although Dr. Martins does not accept or participate with any health insurance plans, upon receipt of your direct payment, she will provide you with a paid invoice (Superbill) that you may submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.  Please find out whether you have out-of-network benefits for behavioral or mental health services.

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