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mental health diagnosis and treatment

Every good treatment begins with a comprehensive assessment.  In order to determine how to treat, we need a thorough understanding of what contributes to your symptoms and current struggles.  Dr. Martins will meet with you for an initial 60-minute session. Sessions are held in person at her office in Dobbs Ferry, NY or by telehealth when preferred. If needed, the evaluation will extend for an additional one or two shorter follow-up sessions.

Prior to the initial appointment, Dr. Martins will set up your electronic medical record through SimplePractice. You can log in to the SimplePractice Client Portal through their website online or through their app for your tablet or smartphone.

Through this HIPAA-compliant platform, you can:

  • access intake forms and rating scales;

  • complete consent forms;

  • upload prior records and labwork;

  • exchange messages with Dr. Martins about appointments, refills, or clinical questions;

  • receive notification for an upcoming appointment; and

  • receive notification of a new invoice or superbill.

Dr. Martins employs a "biopsychosocial model", which seeks to understand your unique mental health based on an integrated understanding of biological factors (e.g. genetics, medical history, the influence of trauma on development), psychological factors (e.g. emotions, personality traits, coping skills, beliefs about self and others), and social factors (e.g. roles one takes in their family, socioeconomic and cultural influences, trauma experiences).


Specifically, Dr. Martins will work with you to learn what hurts now, as well as various other aspects that contribute to understanding you better.  This approach includes learning what motivates you, what your best self feels like, how you're coping now, and your goals for treatment. Dr. Martins will ask about any psychiatric and prior treatment history, including prior (or current) psychotherapy and medications trials.  With your consent, Dr. Martins will speak to your most recent mental health providers and review additional information and documentation, including prior medical or psychiatric records and your most recent lab test results.

After the initial assessment, Dr. Martins will review her diagnostic impressions and present individualized treatment recommendations. Recommendations may include combined treatment (medication management and psychotherapy), medication management alone, or psychotherapy alone. If indicated for you, psychotherapy modalities will be reviewed [e.g. psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), and dialectical behavioral (DBT)]. If psychiatric medications are recommended to you, Dr. Martins will help you weigh the pros and cons of starting new medications (or changing your current regimen). If indicated, other biological treatments will be discussed (e.g. light therapy, ketamine treatment, TMS, and ECT).  


This information can serve as a consultation or second opinion for your current outpatient treatment.  

If you are not in treatment with another psychiatrist and wish to establish treatment with Dr. Martins for medication management and/or psychotherapy, a follow-up treatment plan will be suggested to you. Dr. Martins will communicate with you, as needed, in-between sessions via phone or through the portal (there is a messaging feature that works just like email).   

To learn more about Dr. Martins' other services, please click here.  

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