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Through a therapeutic relationship, psychotherapy can address various interpersonal and emotional struggles.  You do not need a mental health diagnosis to benefit from psychotherapy.  All you need is a willingness to learn about yourself and a desire for change.


Dr. Martins was trained at Columbia to provide a type of therapy called psychodynamic psychotherapy.  While her understanding of people and approach to their care is influenced by this perspective, Dr. Martins recognizes that one size does not fit all.  There are various treatment modalities within the mental health field and each has specific indications, strengths, and evidence of effectiveness.  Dr. Martins is adept at identifying which therapeutic approach best suits your treatment goals.

Before initiating any form of treatment, including psychotherapy, Dr. Martins will meet with you to conduct a comprehensive initial assessment. This can include making a diagnosis if you meet criteria; however, not everyone who seeks therapy meets criteria for a specific psychiatric diagnosis. This initial assessment will include learning about your personal history, prior treatments, and your main life and treatment goals.  At the end of this initial assessment, Dr. Martins will provide you with treatment recommendations, including whether Psychotherapy is indicated for you.  If so, she will provide guidance as to which modalities may best suit you. 


If you are not currently in treatment with a therapist, Dr. Martins can personally provide you with psychotherapy or will refer you to a clinician who practices a particular modality best suited to your current struggles.    


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